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The mission to become a one stop solution for all orthopedic diseases and provide treatment at cost effective rates and using evidence based modern techniques.

The vision to become a leader in healthcare service providers, which offers best care practices to all for a better future, and centers it efforts on its employees and patrons.

Seeking an appointment to discuss a joint concern. Can we schedule a consultation?

Absolutely, the best course of action would be to consult a doctor if your symptoms persist for more than a few days, worsen, or if you experience any sudden or severe changes. If you’re in doubt or if the symptoms are causing concern, it’s advisable to seek professional medical advice promptly. Your health and well-being are top priorities, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel it’s necessary.”


OPD Services

Our team of best orthopaedician doctors and physiotherapist makes sure that the patients receives complete care at Golden Hospital.

Latest Equipment

The Golden Hospital is dedicated to providing excellent patient care and health services in all orthopedic specialties.

24*7 Service

We provide round the clock emergency services for domestic falls and accidents

Affordable Rate

Apart from providing excellent care, we also ensure that the cost of medical care is kept to optimum.

Our Services

Fracture Management

The management of fractures needs expertise and good quality. latest implants of The team Golden Hospital offers both at a reasonable price. The facility of emergency services is available round the clock.
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Knee Arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy enables the surgeon to reconstruct the ligaments of the knee using keyhole technology. The most commonly reconstructed ligaments are ACL and PCL. We at Golden Hospital use the latest bio absorbable implants so that the youngsters do not have any metalware in their knees.
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Shoulder Arthroscopy

The common procedures performed with arthroscopy in the shoulder joint are rotator cuff repair,
bankarts repair for recurrent dislocation shoulder, sub acromial decompression and frozen shoulder release

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Total hip replacement

Have replacement is commonly performed at Golden Hospital for osteoarthritis hip, AVN hip and fracture neck of femur. Both cemented and uncemented implants are used and the patient is made to walk immediately after surgery
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Total Knee Replacement

We at Golden Hospital are able to produce excellent resultsin our patients with damaged knees. The implant used in total knee replacement is imported and has documented increased longevity. The overall recovery after total knee replacement is comfortable and fast.
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Spine Surgery

The common indications for spine surgery are fractures of the vertebral column, disc problem and lumbar canal stenosis. The use of latest techniques helps in performing these procedures through small incisions so that post operatively the pain is less and the recovery is fast.
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Bone infections

Bone infections are very common in immuno compromised patients, diabetics and aged population. These infections need a prompt response on time so that they do not spread to the whole body.
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Periarticular joint reconstruction

The fractures that extend into the joint are called intraarticular fractures. Such fractures have the potential to cause more joint pain and stiffness. We at Golden Hospital specialise in management of such fractures using latest implants and grafting techniques
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Bone tumors

The tumours and malignancies of bone are these days easily detectable with MRI and PET Scan. We at Golden hospital offer latest treatment of bone tumours including excision and Endo prosthesis.

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Nerve and tendon injuries

Injuries to the nerves and tendons require microscopic reconstruction and staged rehabilitation. These injuries can cause lot of disability in future and therefore require meticulous surgical technique for a good result.
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